Elegant. Sophisticated. Refined.
Date/Circa:  1930
Origin: France
Size: 8″ High
Our Catalog No.:  A0327
Price: $975
Elegant.  Sophisticated.  Refined.  
No, not the champagne bucket – YOU shall be elegant, sophisticated & refined if you invest in this vintage chiller.  A prized addition to any bar, it has the pedigree  and polish that would make Cary Grant proud.  Keep the bubbly on ice yourself, or wrap with a REAL satin bow and pass on to someone equally as cool.
Lovely Art Deco Design. Exceptional bucket, originally awarded by the vintner to a prized retailer. We found it in excellent condition, the only wear being a need for re-plating, as the silver had worn from decades of polishing. Our silversmith re-plated to the highest quality. A rare and beautiful item.
1904 Krug Grande Cuvee extra. (That’s Cary Grant’s vintage.)
Ever wonder why we celebrate New Year’s Eve

 and why with champagne? 

It is argued that champagne’s New Year’s high point occurred in 1937 at Cafe Martin’s New Year’s Eve party in New York City. This French restaurant was where much of society went to enjoy themselves. Reputedly the first place to go “champagne only” after 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, Martin’s list featured some 200 champagnes, although the distinction between “champagne” and “Champagne” was yet to be comprehended in the United States.