Antique Copper Saucepan with Lid

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Antique Copper Saucepan with Lid


Date/Circa: 1905Origin: England Catalog No: A0543
Height: 5"Diameter: 9.5"

Purchased from an Oxfordshire manor house, this heavy pot is one of the finest quality saucepans we’ve found.

Manufactured by a Swiss who immigrated to England in the mid 19th century, his company is still in business and has been known for quality throughout its history.  Note the attention to detail exemplified by the faceting along the top of the pot’s rim.

The lid is not original to the pot.  It was replaced after WWII by the same maker because during the war, all metal lids were surrendered for munitions.

We love antique copper pans and use them exclusively in our home. Copper conducts heat quickly and evenly with no hot spots on the bottom of the pan, allowing for greater control because the pans heat up faster, then cool down faster when taken from the heat. Copper pots are the prize of a chef’s kitchen.

In excellent condition, with no need to be relined.


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