We are.. Elijah Slocum!

Elijah Slocum Flipbook 2021Elijah Slocum Flip Book! 

A skilled, experienced team with passion for excellence. Each Master Craftsman in their own discipline, draftsmen, cabinetmakers, polishers, gilders, glazers and metal workers.

Everyday called upon to do extraordinary things… they never disappoint. And, as you can see, they make extraordinary furniture.

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Elijah Slocum ~ Fine Cabinetry & Collections

For more than thirty-five years the name Elijah Slocum has meant unparalleled quality in hand made furniture. We left the world of number crunching, mass production, and big business long ago and have never looked back. The English countryside is where we craft tomorrow’s antiques, at the same time sourcing our fine art and decorative antiques. Our search is for the quality and unusual items that make a house a home.

Presented here are many of our furniture pieces that have found favor through the years. We actively pursue one goal: to craft truly custom, one-off furniture just for you. We are not talking simply about altering existing designs in our portfolio, although we willingly undertake such projects. We also mean starting with your sketches and ideas and developing exactly what you envision. Each piece created by a team of Master Craftsmen with a reverence for fine design and materials, focused on quality… not quantity!

Additionally presented here are many of our “finds”, antique or vintage pieces. If what you are seeking is not seen here, come back later or send an inquiry. We are diligent in our search for unique quality items or lovely works of art. After all, our handcrafted furniture deserves the best of accompaniment.

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Elijah Slocum Custom Furniture


Custom furniture designed by you. Crafted for you.

Whether your idea is a professional drawing, a photograph, or a sketch on a cocktail napkin, it is a starting point. From your initial contact with us through installation we endeavor to make the entire process productive and enjoyable.