Cupboard Base & Dresser with Pierced Coop Door

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Cupboard Base & Dresser with Pierced Coop Door

Catalog No: F5221
Depth: 23"Width: 65"Height: 78"

The farmhouses of the 18th century were sparse, with only a few necessary pieces of furniture. A main piece would have been a large dresser to be used for storage, display of the family valuables and serving pieces.  Many common dressers served another purpose, as an indoor chicken coop to allow the chickens to roost during the night, safe from fox.

This copy has a base of seven drawers and two cupboards with fielded panel doors.  The Rack has three small drawers (originally used for spices), two cupboards, and the pierced door, for the chicken’s sleeping quarters.

This was a showroom display piece. In very good condition.

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