Large Carriage Copper Foot Warmer


Out of stock

Out of stock

Date/Circa: 1860Origin: England Catalog No: A0823
Length: 16"Width: 23"Height: 5"

In the world of rare copper pieces, this foot warmer would rank among the top.  Only a very wealthy person, who traveled in an elegant carriage in cold climes, would have been able to afford such luxury.

Then, perhaps its use could have continued through the days of early automobiles.  But, eventually most specific-use, outdated items such as this, would have been melted down for the copper to be used elsewhere.  In England particularly, even useful, necessary metal items were collected to be used to make munitions during the World Wars.

Our offering is still in good working order, and does not leak.  The back has a hook for hanging when not in use.

When filled, the weight would suggest that today’s use is for decor rather than heat, but what a great decorative accent.


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