Unique Copper Deep Oval Pan, French Ca. 1800

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Unique Copper Deep Oval Pan, French Ca. 1800


Date/Circa: 1800Origin: France Catalog No: A0757
Length: 11.5"Width: 7.5"Height: 6"

The French have a particular pan for every mode of cooking. This form originated as a braising pan, but today it is used to hold anything a chef can create, poach, steam or roast.

This early pan is entirely handmade, as evidenced by its dovetails and unusual hand-wrought brass handles.  It is in excellent condition, newly re-tinned and ready for use immediately, while adding to the decorative warm of copper to your kitchen.

We love antique copper pans and use them exclusively in our home. Copper conducts heat quickly and evenly with no hot spots on the bottom of the pan, allowing for greater control because the pans heat up faster, then cool down faster when taken from the heat. Copper pots are the prize of a chef’s kitchen.



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