Oystered Chest of Drawers

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Oystered Chest of Drawers

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Timber: Shown in Laburnum Catalog No: F10191
Depth: 20"Width: 40"Height: 34"

Oystering is a technique in which a craftsman uses slices of wood branches or roots that are thinly cut in cross-section, thus creating a veneer. The thin slices are oval or round pieces that are laid side by side in a pattern. Because the shape formed resembles an oyster shell, the technique acquired the name of “oyster veneering”.

This technique was developed by British cabinetmakers of the 17th century when European walnut was wiped out by a blight and the landed gentry did not like the look of oak. To dress the solid oak frame of the furniture piece, cabinetmakers laid the veneer in a decorative pattern, dictated only by the pieces available and the creative ability of the cabinetmaker. Labor intensive, it adorned few pieces of furniture but for the wealthy, and became immensely popular in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This piece is a large chest with 2 over 3 Drawers, resting on bun feet. The oystering is cross banded in French walnut.

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