Pair Champagne Coupes with Hollow Stems

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Pair Champagne Coupes with Hollow Stems


Date/Circa: 1890Origin: England Catalog No: A0925
Height: 5"

A sophisticated pair of champagnes with hollow stems. Plain bowls on tapering hollow stems and tapered cut stems.

The coupe was designed in England in 1663, especially for drinking sparkling wine.  It was thought to provide the best taste of the wine. The larger rim opening permitted the wine to hit the palate all at once, thus having the effect of softening the acidity in the taste and providing a smoother and less fruity drink.  It was fashionable in France from its introduction until the 1970s, and in the United States from the 1930s until the 1980s.

Clark Gable didn’t choose between coupes or flutes, which produce long-lasting bubbles.  He prefered to have both, with hollow stemmed coupes such as this grand pair, entirely made by skilled hands.


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