Partner’s Desk with Boulework

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Partner’s Desk with Boulework

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Timber: MahoganyOrigin: England
Depth: 48"Width: 90"Height: 30"

This client traveled the world seeking rare antiques to fill a large new house. Because she understood the skills needed to craft those antiques she so admired, she also sought customized new items of the same quality.

In her own words, by acquiring the finest works of today’s skilled craftsmen, ‘I help keep those skills alive in this century and the next. And I can have exactly what I want.’. We considered it an honor both to become acquainted with such an insightful person and to provide several items for this very large home.

Much of the client’s inspiration came from French antiques, exemplified by this mahogany partner’s desk.

Based upon an antique entry table, this large desk was crafted for the project with extensive custom-designed brass Boulle work.  In the early 1800s, Boulle “the most remarkable ever of French cabinetmakers” perfected the art of marquetry of metals into timbers.  For generations, Boulle work was done painstakingly by hand cutting the design into the metal.

Today we are able to perfect Boulle by laser, a time-saver over the old method.  The most challenging part of this job, and time consuming on its own, was the artist’s detailed drawing for the original design. Note the Boulle sample presented for approval, brass inlaid into oak and satinwood.

In addition to many hand carved details, the desk has 4 working drawers on each partner’s side and a hand tooled leather hide top.


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