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Tudor Poster Bed

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Timber: Shown in English Oak Catalog No: F14021
Length: 94"Width: 84"Height: 102"

Four-poster beds have been in homes since the beginning of the second millennium. Originally developed for practical reasons: to have curtains to draw, helping keep the occupant of the bed warm or to provide privacy. Only hundreds of years later, when royalty began to hold public appearances and held court on their bedrooms, were beds designed to impress, with expensive fabrics and heraldic decorations.

Here we have a large bed fit for the king to hold court! … with fluted and gadrooned hand carved bulbous posts, a carved head-board arcade, fluted breakfront canopy rails, and a moulded paneled canopy with flat paneled ceiling.

Today we don’t hold court in the bedroom, but considering we spend so much of our lives in bed, isn’t it important to enjoy our own luxury?

We construct all our beds with a mattress support system fitted to the frame, so that they are as solid as they are beautiful.


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