Victorian Copper Egg Bowl

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Victorian Copper Egg Bowl


Date/Circa: 1805Origin: England Catalog No: A0742
Height: 7"Diameter: 12"

Anyone who loves cooking knows that a well made copper mixing bowl will take their baking to the next level, along with making their kitchen look fabulous.

Chefs believe the real reason you need a copper bowl is for egg whites and one is worth having, if only for that purpose. Egg whites whipped in a copper bowl stay glossy and firm without much risk of becoming over-whipped or grainy, and they stay bright white.

Our bowl is early, thus heavy, and in excellent condition.  Its mark is for the original purveyor, Jones Bros., London, known for high quality copper items during most of the 19th century.

We love antique copper pans and use them exclusively in our home. Copper conducts heat quickly and evenly with no hot spots on the bottom of the pan, allowing for greater control because the pans heat up faster, then cool down faster when taken from the heat. Copper pots are the prize of a chef’s kitchen.


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