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Carved and Gilded Server

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Timber: Ebonized mahoganyOrigin: England
Depth: 28"Width: 96"Height: 36"

This server design is based upon a Victorian antique, a dresser and base with complex elaborate carving that certainly dates the piece.  That original is shown in the slide show images.

Featured on this server are wooden drawers with hand-carved scroll and acanthus carvings with hand painted and gilded details. Other features include handmade distressed mirrors, brass hardware customized to match those of the original, and 4 drawers across the top. The 2 large, lockable drawers are divided down the middle, and fitted with Pacific Silver cloth on removable slips for all surfaces.

Inside the cupboards are crocodile adjustable shelves.

Samples were provided for approval at all stages of the project, drawings, finishes, carvings and gilding.


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