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Ebonized & Gilt Consoles

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Timber: MahoganyOrigin: England
Depth: 15"Width: 60"Height: 32"

This client traveled the world seeking rare antiques to fill a large new house.  Because she understood the skills needed to craft those antiques she so admired, she also sought customized new items of the same quality.

In her own words, by acquiring the finest works of today’s skilled craftsmen, ‘I help keep those skills alive in this century and the next.  And I can have exactly what I want.’. We considered it an honor both to become acquainted with such an insightful person and to provide several items for this very large home.

Much of the client’s inspiration came from French and Russian antiques.   These hand carved console tables are an example of a Russian find, copied but in the sizes and the drawers she required.

Ebonized and gilded with 24 carat gold, it took 3 men, two full weeks of work simply to complete the gilding on the extensive beaded carving.  Each console has two drawers with custom gilt hardware. Full leather hides cover the tops, with triple tooling.

The pair of tables stand out for their beauty.


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