Chippendale Carved Chair

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Chippendale Carved Chair

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Timber: Mahogany Catalog No: S559
Depth: 24"Width: 28"Height: 40"

We were able to recreate the elements of this chair when most of its parts, albeit in pieces, were found in a box in a museum. Each piece displayed finely detailed carvings and fretwork, all requiring work of the highest expertise and skill.

The museum staff felt that these pieces were from an original Chippendale designed chair. There was no history with the chair, nor markings to indicate the maker on any part that was available to us, however, the quality and intricacy of the design and the work supported that supposition. Note particularly the blind fretwork carving on the shaped legs, the shaped stretchers and the carving at the top of the leg. Certainly the designer and the craftsman of the original were of the highest skill.

While we believe our skills are extraordinary, we humbly present our copy.


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