Yorkshire Chair

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Yorkshire Chair

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Catalog No: S540
Depth: 24"Width: 23"Height: 43"

With the vibrant economy of the last half of the 19th Century came a huge growth in population, principally driving a new middle class. Suddenly there was a huge thirst for furnishings, and a desire by new-moneyed Victorians to emulate old money. To quench that thirst, Victorian craftsmen became copyists extraordinaire.

This chair is our 21st Century copy of an 18th Century Victorian copy of a 16th Century original. We found the Victorian set complete and the design pleasing, but the size was not overly comfortable for regular use today. Humans today are well-fed; we are larger and taller than citizens of either the 1600s or the 1800s.

The chair is highly carved with simple turned legs. The design remains today humble and pleasant.

These new ones provide a sturdier, larger dining chair so the antiques can be saved.


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