One-Cup Copper Tea Kettle

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One-Cup Copper Tea Kettle


Date/Circa: 1840Origin: England Catalog No: A0910
Length: 6"Width: 3"Height: 5"

Thought to be from a children’s playhouse, this one cup tea pot may simply have satisfied a light drinker’s thirst.

It is claimed that the most spoilt children in the world were British youngsters.  Could that be because of the many toys, miniature tea sets, doll houses and play houses that are enjoyed by the young?  If so, this example certainly would fit the description.

The body of the pot is 4″ by 3″ by 3″ tall.

Overall the body is in good condition and appears never to have used on a stove.  Considering its age, displaying its almost 200 years, has made it better than new, and so much more fun.


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