Past Presents

Unique gifts seem more and more difficult to find.  Items with personality, especially with a story to tell, simply are not available at the mall or mass retailers.  Rare gifts guarantee no one else will be giving or receiving such a unique item.

Over the past year we have been searching for just such gifts, one-of-a-kind items with the quality we are proud to offer.  In the coming weeks we will be featuring those finds in our newsletters and on our website.

And, to make these gifts even more special, we have paired some of them with products from specialty shops here in Hudson… hand made candies, small batch Atlantic salt, special blends of tea… you get the idea.  If you have visited our city, you know it is an architectural gem, with wonderful vendors and galleries. For those readers who have yet to make the trip, these “extras” will add a bit of Hudson personality and a hint of what can be found here.

Please browse the items pictured below and see more of the collection on our website. Remember, these are one-of-a-kind items… when they are sold there is no other.  But, rest assured, we will be adding new finds every week.

Finally, if you wish, we can complete the process with gift wrapping and direct shipping.  All you’ll have to left to do is cross things off your list!

More to come…