Re-gifting — in a good way

Macy's realized the importance of weddings in the 1920s when they came up with the Wedding Gift Registry.  But before that - way before that (1750 BC), was the dowry.  Betrothal was a business deal.  The bride's family would offer a combination of items and property to the family of the groom in hopes that they would seem to be a good 'investment'.  The idea was to make combining the two families appealing.  Romance?  What's romance? Then, about 700 years ago, the hope chest began to gain traction.  Young women prepared needlework towels and linens and occasionally, sewed a wedding [...]

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Unique Gifts… for Unique Friends

There are some items worth collecting, not because they are particularly valuable, but because they are friends. Perhaps your gift list includes the perfect recipient for one of these treasures, gifts that spark just the right memory – a primary reason why collections are born. One criterion might be historic significance. Another, for the scientific minded, may symbolize a unique stop in the evolution of technological innovation - like the French pocket microscope offered here. These pieces offer a way to connect with a specially selected friend or relative. Did an ancestor love sewing? This windmill tape measure may [...]

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Kitchen Confident

Gift season is upon us.  During these recent extraordinary times, gifts have taken on a whole new meaning.   No longer just a token acknowledgement, we have begun to give them as heartfelt tributes to those we truly value. While news outlets are predicting a frustrating Holiday season, emphasizing broken supply chains and delayed shipping, we have been gathering items for gift giving.  Perhaps we have just what you need to lessen your Holiday anxiety. Are you spending more time congregating with family around the stove, or sharing a meal with close friends around the dining table?  Maybe this selection of kitchenware includes [...]

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Pull up a chair….

Gather 'Round This past year re-introduced the true purpose of dining tables.  They are the hub of the home.  Families once on-the-move have begun [again] to congregate at mealtime – and for board games, cards, and dare-we-say-it, conversation. While spending more time at home, we’ve rediscovered not only multi-generational topics of discussion, but the comfort and warmth of extended hours eating, talking, working – even crafting and doing homework. For any pursuit, we offer the table of your choice – custom-made to your specifications.  Whether rugged looking and heavy duty – perfect for a woodsy mountain lodge, or delicate and refined - [...]

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Will Build to Suit….

LET'S GET RE-ACQUAINTED. Click image below to read about our team, our skills, and our recent commissions. (viewed best on a desktop) There are skills for which English craftsmen have been renowned for centuries. Creating exquisite furniture is one of them. For almost 37 years, Elijah Slocum has honored that tradition, supplying furnishings built up to a standard of quality, not down to a price. Tucked away in the English countryside, our master craftsmen continue to provide stunning interpretations of our client's current project needs. May we put our team to work on your next project? Contact Me  

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About Us!

MEET ELIJAH Click these pages to read about us. (viewed best on a desktop) There are skills for which English craftsmen have been renowned for centuries. Crafting exquisite furniture is one of them. For almost 37 years, Elijah Slocum has honored that tradition, supplying furnishings built up to a standard of quality, not down to a price.  Our team of Joiners and Cabinetry Guild experts crafts tomorrow's antiques in the English countryside.Should you need un-paralled quality, one of a kind furniture, call upon us. Contact Me

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Have a Cuppa!

Tea for One or for a Crowd Our antique copper tea kettles and tea toddies are practical and beautiful. Traditionally tea kettles were for steeping and serving tea. Toddies were to provide hot water for the table.ABOVE: Ca. 1860 Large Dutch Copper Swing-Handled Teapot aside a Ca.1840 Individual English Teapot Ca. 1840 Small Copper Teapot with Brass Design Details 7" Diameter Pot Stands 7" High Ca. 1880 Ship's Copper Teapot with Brass Design Details 14" Wide by 9" Deep Ca. 1870 Brass Tea Toddy with Black Wooden Handle 8" Diameter Pot stands 7.5" High Ca. 1900 Brass Tea Toddy with Amber Handle [...]

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We are clearing out our warehouse!

We are clearing out our warehouse! Now is the time to buy Elijah Slocum quality at below-cost prices. ABOVE: Burr Oak Farmhouse Dining Table Extends to 132" with French Draw Leaves Was $9700   Now $5500 1820 Regency Tilt Top Table Highly Figured Walnut & Brass Inlay Was $2800   Now $1800 Regency Design 2 Pedestal Table Solid Figured Mahogany & Double Cross Banding of Rosewood.  Extends to 120 inches. Was $18,750  Now $5600 Rustic Side Table Solid English Oak Was $3800   Now $1200 Carved Tudor Arm Chair Solid English Oak Was $3200   Now $1200 Canopied Queen Bed Solid Mahogany Was [...]

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Shelf Life

During the past year, many of us have sought books - for escape, for education and for a really good sourdough recipe.  We've been reminded of their value, and perhaps, even the value of well-functioning storage that houses these precious objects. As far back as 544AD, the Chinese used revolving bookcases, similar to this one made by Elijah Slocum, to protect their prized treasures. Originally popularized by Buddhist monks, they weren’t holding books, they were filled with scrolls. Eventually, book storage morphed into what we now would consider a cupboard, with its contents hidden from view. In fact, the doors [...]

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The REAL Apprentices

  Great Britain's Furniture Guilds have no equivalent in the United States. Created by the Statute of Apprentices in 1563 and continuing to this day, they are training grounds where skills are passed on, ensuring that age-old techniques are revered and not lost. To achieve the level of Master Craftsmen, Guilds require 7 years of dedicated learning - first as journeymen, then as apprentices.  This quality training is mirrored in the work that they do - including the selection of timber.  Fine, straight-grain is a criterion of mass-produced pieces (easier to match), but rarity and singularity are characteristics of state-of-the-art furnishings - like those crafted for Elijah [...]

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