There are some items worth collecting, not because they are particularly valuable, but because they are unique…like friends. Perhaps your gift list includes the perfect recipient for one of these treasures, gifts that spark just the right memory – a primary reason why collections are born.

One criterion might be historic significance. Another, for the scientific minded, may symbolize a unique stop in the evolution of technological innovation – like the French pocket microscope offered here. These pieces offer a way to connect with a specially selected friend or relative. Did an ancestor love sewing? This windmill tape measure may spark that same love in a grandchild.

During these extraordinary times, we have come to realize the true value of our friends and family. Each is unique. Each is special. And each holds a place close to our heart. So, too, these offerings,  definitely stepping stones to other times – when craftsmanship and invention were goals in themselves, are heirlooms just waiting to be put on display.

News outlets are predicting a frustrating Holiday season, emphasizing broken supply chains and delayed shipping. Perhaps one of our discoveries will be just what you’re looking for to take the anxiety out of December’s festivities. At Elijah Slocum, we’ll wrap and ship, too.

Enjoy your Holiday Season.

ABOVE: ‘Windmill’ Measuring Tape Ca. 1880
French, 2″ high with 60″ Tape
Pair Westie Napkin Rings
Carved and Painted, Ca. 1920
French Pocket Microscope
Nickle Plated Brass, Ca. 1900
Royal Doulton Bird Fountain
Stoneware, Ca. 1920

Boxed Set SilverPlate Fruit Spoons
Mother of Pearl Handles, Ca. 1930

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