The first mention of a sideboard was during the Middle Ages, referring to planks sitting on trestles at the side of a dining area. Those humble beginnings  gave birth to “room & board”, “boarders”, the “cupboard”, and eventually, to the lofty “board of directors”.The sideboard also inspired a wealth of design options. It could have 4 legs – or 6 or 8 or 10. Originally intended solely to hold platters of food prior to serving, shelves for display of silver were added, as were drawers for linens and, of course, cupboards for china and other serveware.  At its most opulent, the sideboard incorporated a large central mirror – to reflect the most precious of the owner’s objects.

Elijah Slocum creates beautiful sideboards made to your specifications – with gilding, turnings, cupboards, drawers, mirrors and hand wrought hardware.  We book-match veneers on doors and add hand-carved moldings.  We hand turn or hand carve legs of all styles.

We are Elijah Slocum, makers of tomorrow’s antiques.

Carved PotBoard Server
50″ by 20 by 34″ high
Adam Breakfront Sideboard
66″ by 21″ by 35″ High
Moulded Front Jacobean Cupboard
72″ by 20″ by 35″ High
Sideboard with Grill & Gilt Details
65″ by 20″ by 34″ High
Sideboard Dresser with Cabriole Legs
84″ by 18″ by 34″ High
Large Jacobean Server
80″ by 19″ by 32″ High
Cupboard on Ogee Feet
72″ by 24″ by 34″ High
Breakfront Sideboard
72″ by 20″ by 34″ High
Small Serpentine Sideboard
60″ by 23″ by 35″ High
Small Moulded-Front Sideboard
46″ by 19″ by 28″ High
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