They say ‘wood warms you twice.’  For us, copper warms in many more ways and on many more occasions. Of course, it’s obvious, the twice is when copper evenly distributes warmth when cooking, while adding beauty to a kitchen.But, we think copper has a depth that extends well beyond being the jewelry of  the kitchen. It adds to the ambiance of any room. It dresses up a hearth when filled with logs, a solarium when a decorative watering can holds a place of pride, or a bedroom when a simple jug holds flowers from a garden.

And don’t forget copper’s wonderful color among festive Holiday décor – on a sideboard or center stage holding greens on a dining table. Or when serving as a wine cooler.

Not the least of copper’s warmth is the feeling one gets when opening a gift of copper (or giving one) – a Decorative Storage Bin? Roaster? Jug? a Set of Cooking Pots or a Teapot, perhaps?

These are handmade antiques – but the best kind, to be used every day and become more cherished over time. They are an investment in both the past and the future.

At Elijah Slocum, copperware is our favorite gift – to give and to get.

Victorian Egg Bowl
England, Ca. 1880
Large Dredger
England, Ca. 1900
Art Nouveau Watering Can
England, Ca. 1900
Arts & Crafts Coal Bucket
England, Ca. 1900
Small Stock Pot
England, 1870
Victorian Coal Bucket
England, Ca. 1870
Georgian Fish Poacher
England, Ca. 1805
Victorian Foot Bath
England, Ca. 1900
Large Oval Wash Tub
France, Ca. 1930
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