Warmest Regards

  They say ‘wood warms you twice.’  For us, copper warms in many more ways and on many more occasions. Of course, it's obvious, the twice is when copper evenly distributes warmth when cooking, while adding beauty to a kitchen.But, we think copper has a depth that extends well beyond being the jewelry of  the kitchen. It adds to the ambiance of any room. It dresses up a hearth when filled with logs, a solarium when a decorative watering can holds a place of pride, or a bedroom when a simple jug holds flowers from a garden. And don't forget copper's wonderful color among [...]

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Buy It Now. We’ll do the rest.

Need something unique?  A rare gift for a rare friend? For that special friend who appreciates rarity and quality, we present: A Sterling Manicure Set, made-to-order 100 years ago in its own Miniature Leather Golf Bag. Are there still some names on your list?  These suggestions may help reduce your last minute anxieties.  Just point, click, and we'll do the rest - beautiful wrapping, personalized elegant gift card, speedy shipping. Have a Happy Holiday. Click images for additional information.   Pair Silver Coasters Ca. 1905 Cut Glass & Silver Flask Ca. 1910 Long Walnut Carved Stool Ca. 1910 Small Early [...]

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A beautiful gift is something that has a meaningful message

We are all craving WARMTH!  Not the kind that comes from the furnace.  The kind that comes from security and contentment.  We crave human interaction.  We crave handshakes and embraces. Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. This Holiday season, it is more important than ever to let people know how much you care about them. We send this catalog to you to share some of our favorite things.  These are items to give to someone important to you.  They will brighten your loved one’s home (or yours!).  They will never fail to provide the warmth we all need.  And they [...]

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