Macy’s realized the importance of weddings in the 1920s when they came up with the Wedding Gift Registry.  But before that – way before that (1750 BC), was the dowry.  Betrothal was a business deal.  The bride’s family would offer a combination of items and property to the family of the groom in hopes that they would seem to be a good ‘investment’.  The idea was to make combining the two families appealing.  Romance?  What’s romance?

Then, about 700 years ago, the hope chest began to gain traction.  Young women prepared needlework towels and linens and occasionally, sewed a wedding dress purely on spec.  Hope chests could also contain silverware and cookware.

Today’s engaged couples have different needs.  Often, they are not “starting out in life” – bare necessities have already been purchased.  They are somewhat more mature and apt to be more appreciative of finer quality.

Which brings us to our topic for today – wedding gifts.  Rare antiques never go out of style.  And craftsmanship, such as the fine work shown in this pair of hand cut champagne flutes, is virtually non-existent these days – no matter how ‘high end’ the wedding registry may be.  Imagine a couple raising these flutes to toast each other on their wedding day – or their 50th anniversary.

We propose these vintage pieces (and others you may like on our website).  Let’s face it.  They are already heirlooms.  By presenting any of these pieces to a couple, whether one starting out in life or celebrating their golden anniversary, you are embracing the longevity of their union, perhaps even encouraging them to use these gifts as the start of their own legacy.In celebration of happy couples everywhere, here’s to a long life, well lived.

ABOVE: Art Deco Glasses
Hand Engraved in England, Ca. 1935
Rare Set 6 Water Goblets
also available: Matching Set 6 Port/Sherry Glasses
Pair Early Victorian Glass Flutes
Hand Engraved, Ca. 1860
Art Deco Champagne Bucket
French, Silver Plate, Ca. 1930
Art Deco Serving Spoons
Mother of Pearl Handles
French, Ca. 1930
Pair Victorian Champagne Coupes
Hand Engraved, Ca.1880
Copper Roaster-Steamer
French, Ca. 1880
Art Nouveau Brass Frame
England, Ca. 1890
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