Hoop Base Circular Table

Historically, selection of timber by furniture craftsmen was based solely upon local availability. Examination of English household furnishings from the first millennium demonstrates the abundance of oak then available. Later, Europeans ruled the oceans, returning with rare and exotic timbers for those who valued its beauty.

Beyond its availability, decisions regarding timber were based upon the timber’s characteristics. Did it have a distinctive grain? Did it carve beautifully? Elijah Slocum considers those details to be of singular importance.

Unlike large factories who purchase timber in bulk, we select timber piece by piece, considering requirements of each particular commission. Species, color, grain patterns and suitability for the intended use all are taken into consideration.  Commercial makers choose the thinnest veneer possible. Our cabinetmakers often hand-cut our own thick veneers.

Tables we craft, such as those seen below, are one-of-a-kind. They are created from the finest timber available using traditional cabinetry methods originated by the early Furniture Guilds. Not only will they stand the test of time, they will be the antiques of tomorrow.

Shown above:
 Hoop Base Circular Table
of Highly Figured Mahogany
laid in Starburst Pattern