Unique gifts for your unique friends
Thoughtful – showing exceptional attention to the needs
and desires of others.

The most difficult part of gift giving – whether during the Holidays or any time of year, is to select an item that conveys your thoughts – emphasizing the importance of a favored person through a specially selected gift.For us, each relationship is unique.  And so, we want to give unique gifts.  Something made with care, perhaps made singly, perhaps hand crafted.  An item that says, ‘You mean something to me – something special.’

Here are a few items we suggest for your favorite people.  Our website has more to choose from, all offered with the option of gift wrapping and speedy shipping.  And all are offered to you with our recognition that you, our customers, are as deeply appreciated as the recipients of these gifts.

We hope your season is filled with happiness.

Shown above:
Sterling Drinks Stirrers/Straws with Original Box & Cleaning Tool