Custom furniture is serious business — OUR serious business

Desirous of a server that would make an impressive statement, our client was inspired by this 19th Century English Aesthetic cupboard. Our task was to faithfully create all the details of the period design and construct a server using the same time-honored skills and materials as would have been used in the shop that crafted the original piece. The project would require cabinetmakers, carvers, polishing and gilding skills, custom mirrors and a foundry for the one-off hardware.

To get underway, drawings were completed and submitted for approval.  Each aspect of the commission was detailed and the cabinet shop prepared samples of all aspects of the work.

Small details, like the legs, were drawn full size to assist our craftsmen in producing accurate results.

Carved door panels before and after finishing and gilding.

If you have a challenging design or simply a one-off piece that demands fine craftsmanship, call upon us.

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