If ever there was a time to treat yourself (or a friend)...

Our new reality?  Cooking at home.  Right now it’s a necessity.  But, as they say, “necessity is the mother of…creativity.”  What a perfect time to create delicious meals.

Preparing a roast used to be a weekend tradition. Now you can fill this roaster with chicken, potatoes and carrots on a Tuesday afternoon! The smell of anything roasting in the oven is mouth-watering! The same can be said of a veggie-loaded soup simmering in our stockpot. That aroma! M-m-m-m!

With almost no extra effort, you can leave a jar of freshly made soup on your neighbor’s stoop. What could possibly offer reassurance and relieve stress more than an unexpected treat on the doorstep?

This month is the beginning of trout season – a perfect distraction. Once you’ve wiled away the morning in a pair of waders (six feet away from…the shore), prepare your catch in this copper fish poacher. Talk about stream to table! (‘Course, stores have trout and other equally delicious fresh fish, too.)

Join in the (re)discovered satisfaction of creating culinary masterpieces. Treat yourself to jewel-like copper pots. They will warm your heart and enhance your meals.

Gift them to friends, too. Culinary colleagues will appreciate the benefits of copper cookware and quickly include them in their own food preparation. Copper is easy to use, to care for,  and…what better way to let friends know you’re thinking about them?

We’re all in this together.  Be safe.

Shown aboveCopper Roaster